Why use five

  • What you see is what you get. Karl and Oli work exclusively on deals, so we won’t delegate your transaction to less experienced members of the company. We are business owners ourselves and have invested in many of the companies we have helped others to acquire. We recognise there is no substitute for experience and commitment.
  • We are independent Corporate Financiers, which means we won’t try and sell you additional services such as audit or tax and we avoid conflicts of interests. It also means we can develop excellent relationships with the best complimentary professional advisors such as Lawyers, Tax Consultants, and providers of Due Diligence services to help assemble the right team of advisors for you.
  • We don’t have reporting lines which means we cut out the bureaucracy and focus entirely on our clients.
  • Our fees are flexible and mostly contingent on a successful outcome and in acquisitions and fundraisings we are often happy to invest alongside our clients.
  • We have excellent relationships with a broad spectrum of debt and equity providers to make sure we can source the right financial structure for any transaction.
  • Many of our clients retain our services post transaction and in some cases, we have been invited to join the board as Non Executive Director to help with the further development of the business
"Skills first Awards has been a client of Five Corporate Finance for five years. During this period Five Corporate Finance supported the business, in particular the senior management team, through some very difficult periods culminating in a successful management buyout.

With their continued support and expertise, the business continues to grow in strength whilst entering a new and exciting phase."Myra Wall - Managing Director